surahs for slovens – küçük İskender

  surahs for slovens in the flood tide of the first sound the full moon grew we were dreaming as we passed through the flaming snake-mouth in the fat eye was that look, dragging its capilliaries along dark rage of innerwords, that utter oubliette that unheard sabotage, inferno, that last blazingblame we knew, it was […]

The bow by Behçet Necatigil

  The Bow Sounds well up from the deep not even your love can help Wait until it passes Don’t strain the bow much tighter you’ll snap it The eye within you cannot see the crawling thought in the dark For now I am swathed in layers from you the cloths have fallen you are […]

So many by Behçet Necatigil

  So many What became of So many love letters That illuminated Nights of longing Maybe they weren’t sent For fear of the dark So many love letters Written, left unsent Years later Read without being received, Answers came Without being sent So many love letters by Behçet Necatigil translated by Caroline Stockford at the […]

Poem for evening by Behçet Necatigil

Poem for evening Suddenly you remember And he you – suddenly sometimes Where is he? What’s he doing now? A longing sparkles between the memories. This ‘evening’ – what a strange word It’s like hearing it for the first time, it makes me uneasy Evening: Will I find him if I look upon the roads? […]

Blood by Behçet Necatigil

  Blood Within sheaths and layers, blood cannot be seen A pink wave on rose cheeks A blue ribbon on snow-white hands Red blood cells suddenly drop In blind wells, lost Family traits passed on in white milk Greed hides for years in a generous soul Ugliness in the skin-tight shirt of a beauty Imposes […]

Twenty-seven steps by Gökçenur Ç

Twenty-seven steps (Darkness is the only excuse for the mess on the paper, the shadows are clawing the walls of the ward I sit crossed-legged on the lower bunk, as the meds mix with my blood the sherbet of sleep thickens sweetly, I hold my battery torch between my teeth, and as I try to […]

Mediterranean Salad by Gökçenur Ç.

Mediterranean Salad Parting the crowd she approaches and hugs me round the neck It’s Rüzgar, a friend from school I’ve not seen for twenty years! She got married (I’d heard) I married, had kids (she doesn’t ask) You know what…? She says If only…. She says She’d always thought That the strangers she’d thought were […]

‘Nefes’ of the Quiet Between Us by Haydar Ergülen

‘Nefes’ of the Quiet Between Us by Haydar Ergülen before you even existed I was mad with you the lack of you upset me, and then you were here you were so beautiful I could not want you for myself now I’m subdued by your absence as if you were here this sensitivity, oh, you […]

A gossamer-winged breeze by Gökçenur Ç.

A gossamer-winged breeze You dropped my hand and a gossamer-winged breeze stirred in the space created between our palms and there, striking out with a green handkerchief between its teeth began night’s forgotten autumn . Poet: Gökçenur Ç Translated by Caroline Stockford at the 2014 Cunda International Workshop for Translators of Turkish Literature This poem […]

The Green Duck – by Haydar Ergülen

The Green Duck …and just as I’d chosen that green dress for you your eyes came to mind, I looked, but your eyes were not green enough for this poem besides I’d never seen you cry, and it was pointless seeking the traces of tears in the eyes of one who’se words are nothing but […]