coming-together Response to Willem de Rooij’s photography exhibition Index: Riots, Mourning and Commemoration  (as represented in newspapers, January 2000-July 2002), 2003. a mountain in mourning plucks one more crystal from the soft tree of her lashes in the cannister-misty final ground they’re taking on the world wild as dusk hares on the main drag head-lit […]

48hr Poetic Response to Shani Rhys James’ automata & paintings: ‘Cassandra’s Rant’, Ceredigion Museum, Feb 15. Photography by Keith Morris

empty cot when they view the rushes of life on earth it will all pass in flashes, brushing over the detail indivisible pain, the suffering that is living, they will see that we procreated, babies sometimes made it sometimes not, but what they won’t see, those lords of the faeries in their stellar cinema is […]

48hr Poetic Response to Tim Shaw’s ‘Black Smoke Rising’, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Nov 14 as part of Scriptography Productions’ Response Time. Photography by Keith Morris

I. Torture room crude practices of death in this room we are all identity-less that woman a question mark to the one they can’t ask they don’t know why they had to leave but she birthed them to their worlds in screams and now, they press rewind pacts blur lines standing in sexual proximity because […]