Caroline Stockford is a poet, writer and broadcaster living in Aberystwyth in mid Wales. She holds an MA in the History of the Turkish Language from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London Univeristy and a post-graduate Diploma  in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University.

Her poetry has appeared in Sharp as Lemons (Earlyworks Press 2013), Make Time for Aberystwyth (Aberystwyth University 2014) and in Turkish in Gard Şiir Anthology (edited by Şakir Özüdoğru, 2014). She regularly performs Turkish poetry in English and performed her poetry at the Eskişehir International Poetry Festival in 2014. Her poetry appears online at iamnotasilentpoet.com, micropoetry.com and soon in Black Sheep Journal. Her translations of Küçük İskender, Haydar Ergülen, Gökçenur Ç and Müesser Yeniay appear in Turkish Poetry Today 2015.  She is a member of the Executive Committee of Wales PEN Cymru.

Caroline is also a freelance literary translator of Turkish poetry and prose.  As well as preparing a selected works in English of Küçük İskender, she is co-editing Haydar Ergülen’s first selected works in English and translating the 14th century poetry of Wales’ greatest poet, Dafydd ap Gwilym into Turkish.

Email at  cevirimiz@gmail.com.   Twitter – @cevirimiz.



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