Stone Mirror Sonnet – Enis Batur



What are you, of what? Don’t mind I asked the question

I know: Firstly, not mine, secondly what are you?

For years I looked at blind walls, in mirrors

The lettering in my own lines, I could not figure,

What am I to me, what exactly to you,

What is the sound of you in me, and the sound of me in you,

We listened to each other: Our eyes communed

in one another, in what and how they fixed, who knows.

I give up the puzzle of the sphinx inside me,

Turning to my face, won’t ask again: Why,

Whose, what are you, of what?

All questions are ice, they come and form a mountain –

I’ve left them to melt, let water run, collect and spill:

Whose mist, the mist of what are you?



Poet: Enis Batur

Translator: Caroline Stockford

First draft, produced at DAM, Istanbul, September 2016


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