A Red Indian Summer – Lale Müldür

way up north


the shore’s one side is water

the other cinnamon

lost knowledge

craves to return

the sun pales on its ice island

I never saw you in my dreams

look, around us everything is crying

my face hangs out of the window

I should have said, ‘no! no!’

I wiped out your name and wrote a poem

desperate for distance

when you hold me close

I will let myself go

fearing the dark’s eyes, fearing

and for each passing summer the Indians

will put a horse chestnut to one side

and all this week it will rain

and all this week I won’t think of you

but I’ll think of the trace of our star in the sky

and later a woman will leave me

in the heart of melancholy

as rain flows from huts, gutters, forests

a woman wrapped in the rain


will bring me a deep, dark leaf

in a glacial sunrise

that jaguarial, riverof jaguars

Uranus’ moons are weeping

on the dark shore seen in dreams


that which passed between us

like infinte water

for a summer

a summer

defined by knives

of Indians and tigers

there is a lonely moment

as long as a vein

that statues ressurected

between you and revenge

no, don’t remember anything

apart from an endless summer

and yet how many times more

will they bleed, our eyes

like red seaweeds

who knows how many times more

in other endless summers

the refractive wave

was the rupture place

this is why I say

it was just an endless summer

remember nothing else


Poet: Lale Müldür

Translated by: C. Stockford, March 2016


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