Don’t ever copy me again, angel – küçük İskender


I sincerely thank the rain

tonight it only poured on my corpse.

I was afraid something would happen to me

if I thought about you for a few seconds;

afraid that while thinking I’d catch cold.

I sat and ate black oranges

sat and read bad books.

Inside me murder like a boredom,

inside me panic like a parasite,

inside me curiosity like a calamity.

I’ve fallen far from my senses, now I’m so dejected

now I’ve fallen far from my childhood too.

I was afraid of falling even further

if, for a few seconds, I thought of you;

if, say the moon was to bend

if, say blood convulsed

the soul vault off somewhere in dying,

I was afraid I’d die even more than death

if I thought of you, for a few seconds;

if I am sound, unsound, a syllable if

I made a word of you, I was scared

if I used you in the wrong sentence

stuttered as I said your name, mispronounced you

if I committed such a sin

I was scared that gods would forgive me

I sincerely thank the rain

tonight it’s only poured on this poem

thank you my love,

thank you my broken arm, slit wrist, smashed face

slashed future, my broken evermore

in spite of it all

it was a rain-soaked, good summer.


Poet: küçük İskender

Sel Yayınları/Publishing

Translated by: C.Stockford 2016

foto: küçük İskender


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