autoformat ~ küçük İskender



kid who cleans the grit from his nails with a razorblade

kiss me

perfection, he sewed a robe of angels for god

unstitch me

I dripped from his lips and welled in his eyes every night

pour me

With you I rolled in trash and stains, I’ll roll again

collapse me

If you’re a mirage I’ll be your oasis 3… two… 1

desert me

cover my face then open yours anew

blind me

yesterday we passed from the glazed stone age to the erotic age

today me

why is it raining?  this is ridiculous

exhaust me

like a sharp whistled answer to an ownerless occupied house you’re passing

ask me

I’m glad you exist, press eject on us

destroy me


poem (c) küçük İskender

Sel Yayıncılık/Publishing

translation by carolıne stockford 2016

first published in Assaracus Journal Feb 2016

photo credit: Bauhaus album cover for ‘Press Eject and Give me the Tape’

photographer: Eugene Merinov


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