Response to Willem de Rooij’s photography exhibition
Index: Riots, Mourning and Commemoration 
(as represented in newspapers, January 2000-July 2002), 2003.


a mountain in mourning plucks one more crystal

from the soft tree of her lashes

in the cannister-misty final ground
they’re taking on the world
wild as dusk hares on the main drag
head-lit and sure as fire on cars

the force in tight leather curtain the camera
press flesh, arrest and pick up strangers

slim woman shimmies through the uniformed tide
measuring her protest in hip-wide half circles
one man is walking paper, paint, hemp, hair
the eye of the believer is everywhere

we are shadows of our sharp shadows
slimlined ninjas of the outline
defending our stretch of smoke and soul
changing, whilst wondering what it feels like

images hemp

by Caroline Stockford

This poem appeared in Black Sheep Journal

edited by Mab Jones and Bethany Pope, March 2015


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