Arabesque by Küçük İskender

the first day you spoke my name

blood came out of my ears that night

quickly i left home

i searched for you for hours

find you and i’ll shoot  you

when you died i was gonna kiss your lips

to keep off the germs

was gonna put iodine on my mouth

all the pharmacies would laugh at me

cross my heart and hope to die

i love you, that’s all, what can i do

reunion is just conjecture, a slim chance

longing is a passionate muse, a broken dream

but that crushing, distressing blue voice of yours

keeps saying, “you will suffer, you will fade away”

and i protest to god

you must not be, i scream

yes, yes, you are there

what’s more your gown

your gown has fur borders!

and me, as i’m dying will fasten tight to those borders

give me an answer, i’ll shout, give me an answer

why why why why why why

all the demons will applaud me

the first day i saw you

a gull picked out my two eyes too

Poet – Küçük İskender   

Copyright  (c) Adam Yayınları 2004

translation copyright (c) Caroline Stockford 2013

First published in Assaracus Journal of Gay Poetry Feb 2016


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