‘Before Me There Were Deserts’ by Turkish poet Müesser Yeniay

Before Me There Were Deserts Stay at Sıtkıllivah                             where the wave-like sands thin out and subside…* I saw them eating my body like a carcass I did not say, “bring me into this world!” I found myself around the fire like the hump of a camel I’ve curved passing through the world they gathered […]

New Welsh Review Early Summer Podcast 2014

Caroline Stockford interviews Cynan Jones about his novel ‘The Dig’, Granta 2014, Carly Holmes on ‘The Scrapbook’ and the NWR book club review ‘Gretel and the Dark’ by Eliza Granville. Click on the link and scroll down for the podcast, happy listening! https://www.newwelshreview.com/article.php?id=776    

Gwyenth_Lewis_FINAL edited size

‘Can Larks Fly backwards?’ – Interview with Welsh poet & writer, Gwyneth Lewis

  CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW… to hear Gwyneth Lewis talking to Caroline Stockford about birdsong, translation as the closest you could get to sexual intercourse with long-dead poets (Dafydd ap Gwilym), metre as a form of calling in human voice and poetry, and the links between poetry, courting, hunting and meditation. Includes a reading of […]

Aberystwyth listens two great Turkish poets in translation

This month I have been performing the work of two great modern Turkish poets, Haydar Ergülen and Küçük İskender at several different venues in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. Haydar Ergülen’s work is multi-layered, deeply moving poetry with a grounding in Sufi teaching.  When I worked on his poetry for two whole weeks during the CWTTL Cunda […]

AMAT by İhsan Oktay Anar

On the third night of Şevval in the month of October the city of Constantinople, whose fame had spread with great fanfare and felicity to the world’s four corners and seven seas, lay sprawled like a slumbering colossus beneath a canopy of cimmerian cloud.  The date was approximately 1080 years after the faithful of our […]

International Translation Day

International Translation Day (<click here) Coming up next week.. brilliant schedule of talks, meetings and some comedy.  Last year’s was a fascinating event.. and a great chance to catch up with other translators, especially members of the Emerging Translators Network (ETN)